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How to Create a Superpower Sigil

Q. How can you super-charge this mandala in your life, to be a catalyst for positive intent and change?

A. By invoking your super-power with intentional visualization using word-embodiment or using a sigil to manifest a desire.

Before going on to read about sigils, if that's not something you'd like to use with your mandala, you can simply use powerful words. Words have power and frequency. They resonate certain frequencies. They are literally spells. When you invoke a word and visual it as being some quality that you possess, you can use that visualization to wake up that quality within yourself. So, if you'd rather simply just use a Super-power Word, skip to step 5. 
What is a sigil?

A sigil is a tool for personal transformation. It is a symbolic representation that invokes a desire or wish that you embed into your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind's language is symbols and pictures that represent things. The idea is to embed the symbol of what you want into a symbol, focus on that symbol, charge it, which I will explain later, and then forget about it and go on about your day.

So, after you create the sigil, you focus on the desire or wish, and then you charge it.

Eventually, as time goes by you will forget about its meaning. That's a good thing, because even as you have forgotten what it specifically means, your subconscious mind remembers and continues to attract it to you.

Sigils can help you undo your limiting beliefs and neutralize them if worded properly, and can help you raise your vibration. I suggest reading up on ways to do those things and more with sigils, if you're interested in going deeper with this tool.

Easy way to create a sigil?

Step 1. 

  • Write out your statement of intent in the present tense, and in an affirmative format beginning with "It is my will that,"or "It is my intention that," or simply, "I am...," "I have...," something along those lines, and keep the phrase in the positive or affirmative, avoiding the word "not." Think of what you want rather than what you don't want. What would you rather have?  Do not use "I want," "I need" "I hope."

  • It is extremely important to always end your sigil with a condition that prevents any harm from occurring. So, end your sentence with the phrase, "with no harm done," or "for the highest good of all, avoiding all harm," or something along those lines, whatever best resonates with you.

Step 2.

  • Now that you have your sentence or phrase, cross out all vowels.
  • Then, cross out any repeating consonants, leaving only one of each letter uncrossed. 
  • Now, write out the remaining letters so that you can see them clearly. 

Step 3.

  • Don't overthink this step.
  • Take the lines and curves of the letters or the whole letters or a mix of the two, and create a little picture or symbol with them. You can overlay the letters to simplify the picture.
  • Your sigil should be simple enough that you can remember what it looks like, even when you're not looking at it. You can keep simplifying it by overlaying and combining letters into one shape. Get creative with it until it is as simple as you can get it. Leonardo DaVinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  
  • When you are done, this is your sigil. Once you completed your sigil and you are satisfied that it is simple enough to visualize and looks appealing to you, you can transfer that little symbol onto your mandala. You can place it in the center. 


Step 4. Then color the mandala, with the sigil placed at its center. When you are done coloring, you can charge the sigil.

Pro Tip:
Many sigil practitioners recommend making several consecutive sigils with different wishes or desires, and then cut them out and shuffle them up. Next, put them away for a while until you forget what any particular one means. Then, after a few days or weeks, take them out and to charge. What this does is it releases the meaning of the sigil to the subconscious mind, away from the doubting conscious mind, safe from all of it's biases. 

How to charge a sigil?

  • Tipharot (from youtube) recommends holding a really hard yoga pose until you cannot hold it any longer and when you let go of the pose, stare at the sigl at that moment, or you can visualize it bursting into flames. 
  • Then allow yourself to completely forget about the sigil.


Step 5 (Sigil Alternative) 

  • In lieu of using a sigil, you could just invoke an empowering word. Write or abbreviate your word into the center of your mandala. In either case, place your word or sigil into the center before coloring, so that you can have the word or symbol in your line of sight as you meditatively color the picture.
  • If you use a special word instead of a sigil, rather than forgetting it, make an effort to remember your word, imagine embodying the essence of the word and making it one of your super-powers.
  • You can hang the mandala up in a place where you will see it a lot, in order to remind you of the word and of your intention to consistently embody it so that it becomes a part of your core identity.