These pendants represent powerful inner resources that we can cultivate over time. Allow 3 days for processing pendant orders. All other orders besides Pendants, may not arrive before the holidays.

Using Mandalas

Mandala Coloring Page

While these original mandalas add vibrant color and original beauty to any space, the artist created each one as a tool to enhance focus, intention, and personal transformation. Moving from theory to practice is the first step toward positive change and self-mastery. These works can be utilized as tools to manifest the best version of yourself. We are excited to share these intentions and support your journey toward realizing your most cherished dreams.

About the Pendants

These pendants were designed to be lovingly worn as reminders, gently bringing your focus back to the dreams and aspirations behind your intentions, and pointing you in the direction of the path that will get you there, the deeper path. 

To your dreams!

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